A Unique and affordable CRM software for Small and Large scale businesses

Sales Automation

iCRM automates your entire Sales process and increases your Sales teams efficiency and grows your ROI.

Marketing Automation

Marketing activities was never this streamlined before, System tracks Lead Management, Email Campaigns, Calls, all at one place.

Support Automation

Give a boost to your support team by implementing iCRM which helps in multi-channel case creation & provide Pro-Active service to your Clients.

User Privilege

Have full control on User accessibility on the system, define department and their Role/profile wise access control.

Reports and Dashboard

Have a Bird eye view on your business. iCRM Provides interactive reports & Dashboard for the user which helps in taking instant critical decisions.

Highly Flexible & Scalable

System has flexibility to adopting complex business requirements & it can scale for large number of users without compromising on performance.

Transform your business process with iCRM

CRM allows every customer interaction to be personalised and focused, It is the tool which automates your all the major aspects of your business i.e. Sales, Marketing and Support.

Smart business leaders knows that growth and success means it’s time to adopt a technology solution that is affordable, enhance productivity, and helps their team provide proactive service to customers. Hence the right tool to achieve this is customer relationship management system (CRM).

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Leverage iCRM to empower your team and gain the Customer’s Trust

Software infrastructure is very essential asset for an organization which helps their team to achieve their objectives through technology. We at iCRM understand this, thus we have developed the highly effective and useful features to automate your business process.

The system has been developed and design such a way that it caters and automates Pre-Sales to Post sales activities and make the team much more efficient, organised and productive. Hence it helps in earning the customer trust on you.