We tried giving an answer of most of the generic and common question which anyone would have regarding Implementation of iCRM. If there is still any question you have which is not covered in the FAQ please feel free to get in touch to discuss further, we would love to answer them.

Yes, system is flexible enough to customize and configure as per the requirements.
Yes it is online cloud based system.
No, since the system is cloud based and it requires the internet connection and browser to operate, it does not runs offline.
Yes, Scheduling of report can possible and it can be even send by an email on daily, weekly or monthly basis.
Yes, data like Report and transactional data can be exported from the system also we can import the records data in it.
Yes, we have ‘Cases’ module to manage and track complaints.
Yes, Print lay out can be personalized as per the customer’s requirements.
Yes, any module of our application has a capability of triggering the SMS and Emails on certain actions, based on the logic we use.
Yes, System supports multi-currency, any currency we can configure from admin section.
Yes we can add, remove or rename any field in the system as per your requirements.
Yes it is, please contact our Sales team to know more about it.
$12 per User/Month is the subscription cost of iCRM.
iCRM does not have various editions, it is only available in standard edition.
Monthly subscription is available in $12 per user/month and it can billed annually, quarterly and half yearly.
Implementation charges are calculated based on hourly estimated efforts, our per hour charges are $22. (Number of Hours * $22 = Implementation Cost)
In case of Subscription model, you only have to pay Subscription charges every year, there is no other hidden cost involved.
For Subscription based model there is no AMC (It is included in Subscription cost) and for one time Licence model annual AMC is separate.
Yes, Along with the implementation there is a warranty period of 6 Months provided and after that if there is any additional customizations are requested then customer has to pay extra @$22
Customers can send an email with their query/case at support@ipercepts.com or call up on the number provided. The query will be addressed within 24Hours.
Yes it can be uploaded, we can import the bulk data via Excel.
Yes, all the reports are customizable and we also have analytical reports on each module.
Yes it has, it needs some customization to apply any language throughout the Application labels.
No, there is no restriction of usage of modules, you can use any modules and even create a separate module without paying extra.
Yes, if the API’s are available, system can integrate with any third party application like ERP (I have some doubt here).
Yes, without that you cannot access the system.
Yes it is possible but it depends on certain circumstances (This can be discussed)
Yes senior management and reporting manager of any user can see his subordinates dashboard and activities, again Hierarchy and accessibility privileges can be configured as per the requirements.
Yes, bulk assignment is possible.
Yes, accessibility can be configured, we can make it for the global.
Yes, it can be given, user privileges can be set.