Our iCRM implementation process is made to make the implementation project smooth. To do that, our Technical and functional experts conduct discovery sessions to understand business requirements, then customize and implement iCRM to address key business challenges with below steps

Discovery Session

We conduct the discovery session of minimum 1 day (Depending upon the size of project) wherein we understand the in-depth requirements and take the necessary information in order to start the project. As part of the discovery we also share the unique questionnaire set with stakeholders.


Once the requirements are gathered and documented then we share it back with customer for sign off and acceptance. After which we start formulating the project plan. In this process we need to define which team will work on this project and assign the appropriate tasks to the respective team to build the project plan.

Configuration and Customization

In this stage we typically do all the standard ‘Out of the Box’ configurations and setup. Along with whatever agreed core customizations and integrations with any third party application. This is the phase of implementation which consume most of the time, as all the deep development work needs to be finished by our functional and technical team during this stage only.


Successful migration of data is often one of the few items on the critical path for a new system implementation. At ipercepts we recommend the following approach:

  • Data Migration Planning
  • Extract your data from your original systems
  • Clean, de-duplicate and transform
  • Load into Workbooks


We recommend a period of time in which Power Users test the new system with your data by running through your key business processes.

If this is your first CRM system and your requirements are simple, UAT might be an informal process. However, if you are implementing core business processes, such as order management or subscription management, we would recommend a more structured approach to testing


The iCRM is very user friendly and intuitive, which means your staff will quickly pick-up the application. However, user training always improves adoption and the value that the solution delivers to the business.

iCRM can enable your organisation via three different training models:

  • Train-the-Trainer
  • End-User Training
  • Admin Training

Depending upon the scale of customisation and the level of change to your business processes, end users can be trained in half or full day sessions (half day is typically sufficient for most implementations).

Go Live

Till now during your CRM implementation you have agreed your CRM requirements, built the system, migrated your data, tested your processes and trained all your users. Now you are ready to go live.

This are some standard we follow during the process of Go Live.

  • Final Data Migration
  • Hand-hold users during go-live
  • Continuous Improvement



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