We will run a configuration workshop to help you tailor your iCRM environment based on the existing templates and workflows already defined in the iCRM default database.

A Kickstart would typically be a 5-10 day consultancy engagement ,at the end of which you will have a CRM system fully operational. This package includes:

Gather the requirement and configure the system

  • Have a discovery session with customers stakeholders
  • Document the requirements
  • Define the scope of work
  • Create the Users and define their privileges.
  • Create reports, build workflows and setup business logics
  • Configure the email and system settings
  • Do the Field level customizations
  • Configure the modules and layouts

Revision & Quality Assurance

  • Multiple revision of all the work done
  • Knowledge transfer

Review and Handover

  • Summary of all work completed
  • Recommendations to achieve future objectives



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