Our technical support staff is always available by phone and email. Customers can also raise issues and find answers through our self-service support options (Launching Soon). We strongly encourage calling in for your priority-1 issues. For registering the issue via email, please send an email with your detailed query on support@ipercepts.com to get the instant response from our support team.

If you have not already submitted a support case, please do so at your earliest convenience. Be sure to include a problem description, primary contact information and any related application data such as errors, screen shots, and log files to easy understanding.

We have various Support pack options available for our customers, they can opt the one they want. The support packs are valid from minimum 3 months to maximum 12 months (Please contact our support team to know more about Support packs) application level, end user and administration support.

As part of this you can use our Support Hours for any application level end user issues, enhancements, end User walk-throughs and admin walk-throughs.

iCRM Support Hours can be used for studio level customisations, workflow creation and report generation or any other issue that may not require code level iCRM development. Our Support Engineers also test the instance for upgraded based on the available support hours. Once you buy the package your issue or case will be our priority.