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    If you’re a business owner, what’s the first thing that will come to your mind if someone asks you, what are your most valuable assets in your business? You will get typical answers like My Employees, My Customers, My Business strategy, Marketing, etc. Yes, these things are crucial for a business but you have to understand that only these parameters shouldn’t be the driving force for your business.

    Complexities are a part of businesses these days anything that derives more customers to your business should be your prime objective and is to be considered your biggest asset. It’s hard to pinpoint your strong suits, figure out what isn’t, and also hasty for anyone to keep track of all the possible fortes and manage them on the go.

    That’s where comes the benefits of using CRM software, and you can thoroughly understand what makes CRM a valuable asset for any kind of business. Whenever it comes to monitoring small-medium sized operations, incorporating automation for repetitive tasks, Keeping up with sales, forecasts, customer issues, and completing due diligence is what finance professionals do best but sometimes quickly get side-tracked from day-to-day activity that can prove to be more profitable, less costly, and best of all: time-saving.

    Your CRM system should be able to facilitate features such as proactive customer service, enabling requests for assistance through customer support. Let us talk about the 4 main reasons CRM software should be your valuable asset.

    Values of a CRM System

    Here’s a list of 4 main reasons that a CRM system should be your biggest asset in business. Let’s have a look.
    Lead Generation and Monitoring
    CRM systems are a great way to keep track of your contacts by automatically registering new contacts and identifying contacts who already have some involvement with your Company.

    Today it has become a requirement if you have an online business up and running. For example, if you’re building an ecommerce platform, then marketing to a selected interested audience would be a nice strategy instead of just spending a lot on advertising it to everyone, then you should be using a CRM for lead management. CRM does lead identification in various sorts of methods for your business accordingly.

    This CRM allows you to collect sales leads and contacts over email, social media, telephony, or other modes. These lead generation tools are at the core of CRM functionalities and offer you the confidence that your prospective customers are already open to receiving your message. Lead generation is one of the most important aspects of any business, and no matter which technology provider you choose, if your CRM is not able to collect all your contacts and leads, then you won’t be able to collect enough potential leads for your business to succeed.

    Helps Improve Customer Satisfaction
    Acquiring customers isn’t the only thing a business should focus on as I have discussed earlier. Most of you don’t know but according to a survey, businesses spend more on acquiring new customers nearly 37% rather than retaining their old customers with just 14% of the cost. A customer is loyal to you till he/she is satisfied with your products and services, to let him/her remain as it is you need to adopt top of the art customer satisfaction measures like ustomer support and customer centralisation services. When you can understand your customers in a better way, there are several advantages to offer. Also, you can have a better understanding of their requirements and fulfill them. Effective CRM development in your organization offers you a strategic edge over your competitors. It also enhances the efficiency of your marketing efforts.
    Streamlining Organisational Process
    Working as a team is the key to over any challenge, but working with several brilliant minds altogether and to keep up their productiveness intact is one of the great challenges companies faces. For this purpose, to streamline, the working process within the organisation CRM comes and plays a huge role. Among CRM software key features, this core function of a CRM is also it’s most crucial. The CRM application’s contact management tool not only collects customer data: it organizes all pertinent information pertaining to any one customer, segmenting them by associating characteristics and information that are critical to how agents communicate and relate to them in order to guide them in converting to actually buy. Segmentation could mean organizing customers into groups that share similar characteristics such as geography, age, gender, buying pattern, or any custom rules. It also makes the managing of your employees real easy, monitoring their achievements, their productivity and their targets are just available at your tips.
    Enhancing Profitability – Increasing Brand Image
    At the end of the day, businesses are here to generate revenue and make a profit out of it. With this much competition among the competitors, all of them are reducing their margins, cutting some corners even making losses initially just to make their monopoly and a Brand Image so consistent and domestically renounced that will setup them as undisputed leaders of their domains. This is where CRM software comes to your aid. It helps you build, maintain and keep active relationships with customers. It also helps you enhance your profitability by reducing your marketing expenses. Your expenses for promoting new products to existing customers are very less. CRM also helps build new customer relationships and open ups new sales avenues for you.

    An effective CRM system also helps you establish strong relationships with existing customers. By sustaining relationships over the long term, customers become loyal to your brand. It not only helps your business in the present but also secures its future. A loyal customer base boosts your brand recognition. This also helps in boosting your brand image in front of new customers.


    There shouldn’t remain any shadow of doubt regarding the usability of CRM software for businesses. The companies which already invested in advanced CRM like iPercepts are leveraging its advantages to put the customer at the heart of their business, to increase their sales and overall business profit. Hopefully, these 4 reasons above help you realize that CRM is no longer optional, but a must-have for your business.