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    How to Create a Customer-Centric Strategy for Your Business

    The Competition in the market is all-time high and will always be, there’s no turning back in this capitalistic world. Every Business aspires an exponential growth in no time but sadly that’s near impossible. You have to understand that if the market is like an ocean, then you’re not alone. There are Whales, Sharks, and other Goldfish like you and to be honest, the rules are pretty much the same as are in the food chain. Who doesn’t want to dominate the market? Businesses are burning away cash like crazy and are ditching traditional sales-driven strategies and embracing the customer-centric approach for customer acquisition and retention. Customer is the utmost beneficiary of your products/services so to acquire new customers and retain old ones your strategies should be more on the clever side. Being a small business has its downsides then there are advantages too and some huge advantages, which if correctly pinpointed can make your foothold strong in the market. Businesses today are becoming more Luscious and Customer-Centric, if you ask me Customer-centricity is becoming the new norm of the market. The term needs no explanation and is becoming a huge frustration for large players, as the size of a company increases it’s safe to say it can’t keep up with 100% of its assets. SMEs nowadays are opting for CRM tools to better nurture customers relations and automation tasks for becoming more customer-centric day by day. There are companies that view CRM as mere software that end up automating business processes, instead of using the tool to optimize customer purchase experience and improve it further. Let’s dive deep into what is a Customer-Centric approach is and how can you implement this in your own business to be ahead of your competition.

    What’s the need for Customer-Centric Approach

    It will be vague to just approach customers in a business without proper research done beforehand, it’s a necessity to understand your business deep down and your target customer to better deduce a plan/product that better suits their needs. This is what a Customer-centric approach is in general words.

    This notion is based on a fundamental principle that every customer is unique and so are his/her needs. In order to ensure customer loyalty, enterprises should recognise this uniqueness, and customize their services and products to serve these needs. You should bridge the customer value gap by delivering customer-centric value offerings. Instead of marketing your product to everyone, if you could find out who’s your target audience is your can build your business around them by analysing and understanding their needs and incorporating them into your product. Since businesses are primarily about profit-making, then your goal must be to maximize customer value and satisfaction (both current and future) for your enterprise’s benefits.

    Why does Customer-Centricity matter?

    In the past, companies focused on deducing a product first and then trying to market it to the public and generate revenue however some still follow this procedure but it’s becoming obsolete. This strategy had a major drawback, Businesses focused on what they wanted to sell and not on what customers’ needs were this let the customers feel that businesses couldn’t fulfill their requirements so they shift to another product. This directly hampered their growth as old customers aren’t getting retained and due to words of mouth the customer attrition rates go higher and companies have to spend more for customer acquisition.

    In a customer-centric approach, you compete for retaining your loyal and long-term customers, hence maintaining your good brand name in the market which in turn returns you with a healthy set of new customer inflow and boosts revenue. Generally selling to old customers generates more profit than acquiring new customers and selling to them likely costs 14% more. This also goes a long way in building your business reputation and increasing the worthiness of the company in the market and attracting new customers.

    How does Cloud-Based CRM support Customer-Centricity?

    Many of you might have already been familiar with CRM software and are using it for your business, Yes CRM software does help in Automation. Businesses today are so engrossed in devising sales and marketing strategies that they are unable to use CRM to its full potential. And consequently, all their leads slip through the cracks, and their customers move on.

    Not to the surprise of many CRM are so much more than that, they are purposely designed to nurture Client Relationships with the company as to provide the best class service over time and turn them into loyal customers. They are totally focused on Customer centricity as they gather information about every customer and uniquely learn their behaviour and purchasing patterns and then statically put through this crucial information to the employees to customise or plan a unique service for them as per their needs and this is the key.

    These are the key point on which a CRM software focuses: -

    Customer Identification
    To serve or provide value to the customer, the company must identify the customer patterns through marketing channels, transactions, and interactions over time.
    Customer Differentiation
    Each customer is unique in his/her own way and has its unique demands and requirements from a company. There is a need for a software solution that clearly identifies the underlying difference and creates a smooth customer journey. This can be done through ipercepts CRM.
    Customer Interaction
    Nothing is permanent in this fast-changing world. Human demands change over time. A customer’s long-term profitability and relationship with the company is the prime goal to achieve as it is the fundamental notion that will drive sales. Therefore, the company needs to learn about the customer continually and about the market shifts in the demands of customers.
    Customization / Personalization
    “Treat each customer uniquely” is the motto that has to be followed to be a successful business. The company can increase customer loyalty through a personalized approach towards a customer. This process of personalization can be automated by incorporating efficient tools like CRMs that capture complete customer journeys.


    Now probably you would have analysed how important Customer-centric approach is and what does a good CRM software brings to the table. A good approach with the help of great tools can pave your way through even in the harshest competition. The fact that matters is if you want to increase profitability and improve your brand experiences, start evolving your business strategy around the CRM and create a brand mark that resides in the heart and brain of your customers.