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    Mobile CRM: Why does your Business Need a Mobile CRM Strategy?

    With the cutthroat competition in the market, businesses aren’t just competing 9 to 5 today. The surge in technology has provided endless benefits to everyone, Cloud-based CRM is also one of them with minimal cost, comes 24/7 ease of accessibility to your devices. What’s better than staying connected with different prospectus of your business throughout? Well, the solution to that is also available now i.e., Mobile Bases CRM software. With the massive shift to mobile devices in the past decade it is beyond the shadow of a doubt that Mobile devices had made it to everyone’s pocket in major Economies today. In 2021, the number of mobile devices operating worldwide stood at almost 15 billion and we know, whenever there’s a shift in technology there’s an underlying opportunity for businesses. Let us discuss how the surge in mobile devices and Mobile CRM for Business will facilitate your Business by adopting a Mobile based CRM strategy.

    What is Mobile CRM?

    Before discussing the Mobile CRM strategy let us understand what Mobile Based CRM is? All of you are familiar with CRM in general right? if not Read What is CRM Software to understand it in depth.

    Mobile CRM, or Mobile Customer Relationship Management, can be conceived as a CRM platform that has been specially designed for mobile devices, tablets, or mobile gadgets, allowing employees of a business to get a broader CRM experience on their mobile devices. Going mobile is a rapidly growing industry trend around the globe nowadays, thus mobile CRM is merged with both mobile sales marketing and customer nurturing. The goal is to facilitate employees working from remote locations and in a meagre environment to have access to all the features provided by traditional CRM on their smartphone, basically empowering them to do everything that they would do from a laptop/desktop.

    Unlike traditional CRM software, Mobile CRM is the latest approach being followed by Enterprises worldwide. CRM is now accessible through your smartphones with additional security, accessibility and mobility.

    Why Your Business Needs a Mobile CRM strategy?

    You know the first and foremost benefit of taking your business mobile is the accessibility that is provided on the palm of your hand with functionality similar to Desktops/Laptops. Getting in touch with different aspects of your business while even working from remote locations is like ordering food on the go for your family living miles away.

    Smartphone’s have become an undetachable body part of humans now, smartphone’s necessity is felt right from doing our daily chores to managing the office work, everything in day-to-day activities. Mobile CRM for sales and marketing is the latest reform that is grabbing the market swiftly which is derived from the increased usability of smartphones.

    We all have figured out how necessary a CRM is for Managing a Business-Client Relationship, read more about it Why invest in Sales Automation for more. Surveys had proven the fact that Businesses that implemented Mobile CRMs or even traditional CRM had better sales and operations experience also better resource management and client satisfaction ratio as compared to others overall. Mobile CRM also assists in maintaining and tracking transactions records, communications of the clients, and the entire enterprise’s dealings under a single database.

    In the final assessment, a mobile CRM is helpful for businesses to maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with customers by improving sales processes and ensuring timely follow-ups.

    Following are some benefits of giving your Business a Mobile CRM:

    Improves Data Accessibility
    The feature to access critical information straight away for the sales team enhances sales productivity. No matter their location, Mobile CRM helps them to be in contact and timely update themselves by accessing information, viewing customer purchase history, and other essential data right away which leads to better customer acquisition.
    Increase Sales
    Increasing revenue is the end goal of any organisation, for that to improve and grow over time Mobile CRMs are crucial. Understanding customers patterns and insightful analysis of customers made the sales team follow more leads without wasting time on dull leads and only focus on customers who have greater chances of becoming a customer.
    In-depth Communication and Insights
    With all the data available under one umbrella, it’s easier for a Mobile CRM to access and analyse the data to produce better insights into customer purchasing history and to judge their future actions. It also made it easier for the sales managers to evaluate every working sales member and to keep track of each and every team member for better results. So, the improved insights help an organisation to handle certain potential problems before they arise and reduce inefficiencies within the organisation.
    Better Customer Retentions
    Getting new customers is prominent in businesses these days but the key to staying ahead is to retain old customers. Customers need attention over time, a great client-business relationship goes a long way which helps a business generate an organic and loyal customer base. That’s why Businesses focus more on nurturing relationships with their clients so much, this also helps businesses to set up themselves as a reliable brand and stand out of the overly cluttered market.