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    A Business is in the game, till it’s open to feedback. It’s no rocket science to understand this one fundamental thing to upgrade your services/products, to compete with your rivals one must open to market feedback. Businesses around the globe are opting to go customer-centric. Customer demands are ever-changing and to understand them time to time businesses are needed to be more aware of the customer requirements. The services and products one may be offering might run obsolete for the customers sooner than you realise, undoubtedly it will affect the growth of the business and overall may lead to its downfall in the long run. In contrast, taking feedback from customers won’t be always sugar-coated. Businesses must take criticism constructively, it’s the key aspect that no one talks about.

    Studies suggest that 96% of unhappy customers don’t complain, 91% of those will simply leave and never come back. Customer satisfaction is mandatory at every point of time and to dissolve customer issues, we require a versatile support management tool that can help businesses out. Ipercepts CRM is such an effective tool that not only provides great customer management but also provides excellent customer helpdesk support.

    To be a better self we need to introspect just like to make a service/product better we need to figure out its cons and make efforts to get rid of them. Let’s discuss how customer complaints are good for your business.

    How to handle Customer Complaints

    Handling a customer’s complaint is a work of art, next time you receive a customer complaint, follow these tips to help transform it into a golden opportunity for your business. These tips will help you increase your company’s approval rating and will make your brand stand out from the crowd.
    Leveraging customer complaints
    A customer complaint is a hidden opportunity for your business to improve your products and services, but it can turn into a negative reflection of your company if left unattended. The act of complaining is a sign of customer loyalty as it portrays countless other people who would have been facing similar problems but didn’t bother to tell you or just disregarded it thinking why would a business listen to them. If a company directly approaches their customers for their feedback regarding their product and services, even if the customers don’t have anything to express. This will just increase their loyalty towards your business and transform them into your guaranteed customers.

    Following are some of the dominant advantages of customer complaints:

    Using L. A. S. T. method to solve customer complaints
    LAST is a widely popular and most trusted approach that a lot of businesses have endorsed it to address customer complaints and solve customer service challenges, especially in customer service departments. The L. A. S. T. Approach is as follows:
    Listen: As once a wise man said, a Good Listener is a good action taker. Inculcating this habit in business is important, even if you may not fully agree just listen to the customer once. Reiterate their problem to demonstrate you were listening and offer an impression that you are attempting to understand.
    Apologize: It is always polite and proper to apologize and express genuine regret for the service failure’s implications. A genuine apology goes far than the virtual consolation. This habit must be taught to the support executives.
    Solve: It will hardly be the case that you may not be stocked with the proper solution to a customer’s problem, even if you are not equipped with the proper methods for compensation, tell them that you will check with your manager because moving toward a solution is often enough for customer satisfaction. Afterward try to resolve the task, to not let this ever happen again, that’s a great strategy for connecting more to customers.
    Thank: Generosity wins heart, that’s a universal truth. Your attitude towards customers should be thankful as they have given you an opportunity to fix the problem of your organisation you are dedicatedly working for, so thank them for bringing the issue to your attention.
    At this stage, you have successfully converted your customer’s dissatisfaction into satisfaction.

    Importance & Benefits of Customer Complaints

    As an entrepreneur or a small business receiving complaints from customers might be frustrating or even heart-breaking for the products and services you’ve put your heart and soul into. These should not be taken personally. Looking at those complaints from another angle, they can be turned out to be pretty much valuable for your business’s growth. In fact, they can be proven game-changer. Here are the reasons why:
    Product/Service Upgradation
    No matter if you’re offering world-class service on your part. The Market evolves every second, it’s better to keep updating yourself and your service one better way to do it is Customer feedback. After all, always believe nothing is perfect and never will be, there will always be room for improvement.
    Customer Satisfaction Enhancement
    Enhancing customer trust in your brand plays a major role in your future growth. As satisfied a customer feels from your side more chances of your organic growth increase. In the initial days, businesses propagate through words of mouth only.
    Boost in Costumer Communication
    Keeping customer engagement high of their brand and maintaining it is a headache for organisations these days. While everyone views complaints as a negative thing to have, it’s actually a nice way to improve and enhance customer enhancement and to keep your customers stuck to your brand not to migrate to your competitors.
    Positive Impact on Brand Image
    Every step your take as an entrepreneur will affect your business surely somehow. As of customer support, a business becomes a known brand not only with its products and services but with constructive steps like resolving customer’s complaints. The best way to do that is to follow the L. A. S. T. approach we’ve discussed earlier.


    Customers are the utmost priority in any business and should be. You need to understand that customer’s viewpoint defines your brand. You should understand they are the ones receiving your end product and letting your business generate revenue. Even if though it may not seem like it at first but, customer complaints are blessings in disguise. With the right approach, you will be able to use them to your advantage and take your business to a new level.